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Free software and the art of hacking
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13. Tom Grandy on Backdrop, Drupal, and Education

Matthew Tift talks with Tom Grandy about Backdrop, Drupal, and free software in schools

12. The Paradox of Tolerance

When a welcoming community slams the door. This episode explores the "paradox of tolerance," and what it means for free software communities, business, conference organizing, and daily interactions.

11. What John Cage Can Teach Us About Hacking

This episode offers perspectives on what John Cage can teach us about hacking

10. Clayton Dewey on Drutopia

Clayton Dewey talks about Drutopia, an initiative to revolutionize the way we build online tools

9. Matt Westgate and Seth Brown on Doing Good with Drupal

Matt Westgate and Seth Brown discuss Lullabot, the Drupal community, and how people who build free software improve the world

8. Stu Keroff on Asian Penguins

Stu Keroff discusses a Linux User Group for Asian middle-school students called Asian Penguins

7. Holly Ross on the Drupal Association

Holly Ross, the Executive Director of the Drupal Association, discusses the Drupal community, the Drupal Association, non-profits, business, tax codes, and more

6. Allison Randal on Participating in FLOSS Communities

Matthew Tift talks with Allison Randal about her experiences participating in multiple open source and free software communities.

5. Ruth Suehle: Contributing to Free Software Without Writing Code

Ruth Suehle discusses her involvement with Red Hat, the Fedora Project, opensource.com, and her book, Raspberry Pi Hacks

4. Robert Douglass and Thomas Bonte: Open Source Bach

Robert Douglass and Thomas Bonte discuss their Kickstarter-funded project to produce a public domain recording and digital score of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier

3. Jesse von Doom: CASH Music

Jesse von Doom talks about how the CASH Music platform solves problems for working musicians

2. Bill Haenel: Free Software in Public Media

Bill Haenel from North Country Public Radio talks about free software in public media.

1. Nate Haug: Forking Drupal

Software forking is one of the fundamental characteristics of free software, and in this episode Nate Haug discusses Backdrop, a Drupal fork.