Hacking Culture is a show about Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and the public good. Hosted by public radio veteran Matthew Tift, the show features people and organizations that defend software freedom and civil liberties through education, community engagement, grassroots organizing, and political activism. It explores how the free software movement promotes democracy.

It is a problem that engaged intellectuals, activists, and disenfranchised individuals do not understand free software, how it is produced, or participate in its production. Many of these people have no idea about the alternatives. Hacking Culture reveals how free software is used (and abused), but its goal is to demonstrate the necessity of free software for grassroots activism. It seeks to make the free software movement as accessible and appealing to as broad an audience as possible, overthrow misconceptions regarding the practice of hacking, and suggest how free software could better serve society.

Additionally, this website is intended to be a resource for people that want to learn more about the free software movement and information is added regularly. Consequently, it includes information about people, organizations, and books that have been discussed on the show, but also people, organizations, and books that have not.

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Special thanks to Justin Harrell for designing the Hacking Culture logo and Kyle Hofmeyer for technical assistance with recording.