Drupal Will Not Be Ugly; We Will Not Punish Dissent

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  • "Drupal is an open source project. Forking is a right anyone has under its licensing terms. We all make a little fork of Drupal whenever we create a local copy."
  • "We are not an ugly community."
  • "I have heard whisperings during the first two days of DrupalCon Prague about Jen and Nate. Ugly things being said. I want to declare that we are not mean; we are not ugly. We do not ostracize individuals because they dissent. I, personally, will not tolerate anyone treating a member of our community with disdain because that person has a different opinion, or because they look or act in a non-normative way. We need non-normativity to remain fresh and cutting edge. We can deal with dissent through communication and debate. Sure, the debate might be intense and emotional. That's ok. But don't make it personal. Don't cut down the person because you disagree with the idea. Instead, let's really try to understand each other deeply. Drop your defenses for a moment and listen."
  • "And just don't be mean, please. That's just not who we are. We are open, welcoming and supportive. That's what makes us Drupal."